The 4 Voices — Now appearing in your local supermarket and all across America

Bass, Tenor, Alto and Soprano — these are the The 4 Voices. That’s all it takes to make a Barber Shop Quartet or sing Handel’s Messiah. While each voice has its own high, middle and low regions, together they span a range of about four octaves. That is the typical playground of all music, vocal and instrumental.

You may have never sung in a band, chorus, or even karaoke. Nevertheless, it is a sure bet that your vocal range will fit comfortably within the parameters of one of The 4 Voices — just as it’s a sure bet that the way you make decisions and prioritize values will fit comfortably within the parameters of one of the 4 Motivational Styles, which we call: Advocate, Discerner, Shaper and Sustainer.

If you are a marketer, you may have never stopped to consider your own way of processing or what truly motivates your customers. That’s what Motivational Styles reveals. Isn’t it time you learned?

The 4 Voices singing in harmony can make beautiful music.

The 4 Motivational Styles working harmoniously can solve any problem.

Are you ready? To discover your Motivational Style now please go here.

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