Business Intelligence is Customer Intelligence

It couldn’t be more obvious.  And yet, for most marketers, it escapes notice. It couldn't be more strategically fruitful.  And yet, for most business strategists, it never shows up on their radar. It couldn’t be more fundamental to our very existence as human beings and our ability to get along with each other. Yet most people, to... Continue Reading →

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“The Extreme Slowness of Things…”

Despite living in a world where communication occurs at light speed and information is available immediately at our fingertips, do you ever have the feeling things move breathtakingly slow — as if you’re watching the paint dry? To whom or to what do we attribute this phenomenon, which, in the 19th Century, the English poet and... Continue Reading →

Customer Service: The Mythic Realm

Look out! The Aggrieved Consumer is preparing to battle your company! Because — you can fill in the blank… the item arrived late or damaged… parts were missing ... the invoice was incorrect... or any number of a thousand things that can go wrong in the course of human affairs — he’s as angry as... Continue Reading →

There’s no point arguing with gravity, right?

Present estimates place the earth around 4.5 billion years old, whereas the earliest human record goes back a mere 200,000 years. Our story, therefore, the story of humankind, begins much later in the action than most people realize. Finding ourselves positioned between a very distant past and a future that, we can presume, extends indefinitely,... Continue Reading →

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