Business Intelligence is Customer Intelligence

It couldn’t be more obvious.  And yet, for most marketers, it escapes notice. It couldn't be more strategically fruitful.  And yet, for most business strategists, it never shows up on their radar. It couldn’t be more fundamental to our very existence as human beings and our ability to get along with each other. Yet most people, to... Continue Reading →

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Rewarding Relevance — How Facebook Got it Right

If relevance had a higher place in the social order, we can speculate that we would be less likely to bore each other with self-serving or innocuous banter, like the weather or what we had for breakfast. People would undoubtedly show more regard for each other. And in order to achieve that they would need... Continue Reading →

Do Aliens Need Consumer Data?

A colleague of mine posed this question the other day. It got a big laugh in the room. And by the time the joking subsided, I realized it was actually a great question. My response was, “Yes. Aliens need consumer data. Especially, Motivational Data.” Let me explain why this is so. Imagine you are an... Continue Reading →

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