Customer Service: The Mythic Realm

Look out! The Aggrieved Consumer is preparing to battle your company!

Because — you can fill in the blank… the item arrived late or damaged… parts were missing … the invoice was incorrect… or any number of a thousand things that can go wrong in the course of human affairs — he’s as angry as Achilles over the death of his friend Patroclus. And that’s angry.  

But, is building an impenetrable wall around your citadel the right solution? And who will be first to experience his wrath?  

Ye divine spirits of Customer Service — it is you, of course, who innocently await the call of the Customer-Turned-Beast. How should you address him? With plaintive song? The calm wisdom of Athena? Apollo-like logic? Or perhaps with a touch of disarming, Dionysian-like revelry?

Enacted daily in Customer Service Centers across the country, this is a story with mythic dimensions.

At Minds+Motives, we believe the time has come to consider more skillful means to turn disgruntled customers (or, for that matter, any customer) into more loyal and appreciate ones. As whispered from our Oracle in the caverns of PA, here is the basic principle. 

First, Know thy customer. Second, Address thy customer as thy know him or her.

“Knowing thy customer” means knowing their “Motivational Style.” Without getting into the theory, there is no quicker, more congenial, more supportive, more natural, more accurate, and less invasive way of understanding someone. This information gives  Customer Service Reps an instant playbook for how to address customers in ways that are ideally suited to their respective Motivational Styles.

Automatic “Pairing” is a more sophisticated way of matching Customers with Customer Service Reps. In this instance, incoming calls are automatically routed to a specific Rep to maximize the rapport that is typically found between individuals that share the same Motivational Style.

As you would expect, the best Customer Service Reps are naturally more fluid and agreeable in their relationships, allowing them to listen and respond to customers in ways that make the inquiring party feel heard and acknowledged, even the ‘aggrieved’ kind. By adding Motivational Styles — which amounts to a simple scoring process — you can ratchet up everyone’s ability to handle calls with insight and calm, ensuring a better experience for both Customers and Reps, and thereby protecting your company’s most important asset: your customers.

To learn more, feel free to drop us a line.

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