Business Intelligence is Customer Intelligence

It couldn’t be more obvious.  And yet, for most marketers, it escapes notice.

It couldn’t be more strategically fruitful.  And yet, for most business strategists, it never shows up on their radar.

It couldn’t be more fundamental to our very existence as human beings and our ability to get along with each other. Yet most people, to their detriment, will spend a lifetime never grasping the ever-present reality of its existence.

What is: it?

It, is the simple fact that while everyone is unique, there are telltale patterns of behavior that influence our actions, choices, conduct and demeanor. Understanding these patterns gives us powerful insight into ourselves. And others. And it is only through becoming aware of these patterns that we have an opportunity to transcend them.

For advertisers, of course, the goal is not to inspire personal transformation, but to move products and services. What could be more fundamental to business, right?  Well, there is something that I think all business-minded individuals would agree is just as vital: customers. Because without them, no business can survive.

Granted, if people are your business, doesn’t it make sense to understand them as best you can? Doesn’t it make sense to look a little deeper, to consider their thoughts and feelings? And why stop there?  What about the psychic structures that may be driving their decisions in the first place?

Let me state the marketing challenge another way. The loudest person in the room may get your attention, but they won’t win your respect, loyalty or love. So the question is, what will?

Minds+Motives was created out of the recognition that the way people perceive and process information has an identifiable structure. By respecting these patterns, and revealing them in the population at large, communications can be crafted with more relevance, based on the understanding that what’s meaningful to one person may not be meaningful to another.

In the posts that follow, Minds+Motives will reveal how, though proprietary methodology developed over a decade, advertisers can now uncover their best audience, expand their reach, and speak to consumers with unrivaled effectiveness because it touches their minds, their hearts, their values and expectations.


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