The Cathedral in Your Mind

A theory among Evolutionary Psychologists to explain the challenge humans have had over the millennia to be more open and flexible, and creatively blend different perspectives and abilities into a larger view, is called the “Modularity of Mind.” What’s interesting about this theory is that it suggests our thinking is more limited than we might... Continue Reading →

Truth be told – but how?

Galileo versus Emily Dickenson “As lightning to the children eased With explanation kind, The truth must dazzle gradually Or every man be blind.”   Emily Dickenson In 1609, Galileo perfected the idea of the telescope. His refinement afforded an unprecedented albeit extremely narrow view of the night sky that proved the earth was not the center... Continue Reading →

Business Intelligence is Customer Intelligence

It couldn’t be more obvious.  And yet, for most marketers, it escapes notice. It couldn't be more strategically fruitful.  And yet, for most business strategists, it never shows up on their radar. It couldn’t be more fundamental to our very existence as human beings and our ability to get along with each other. Yet most people, to... Continue Reading →

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